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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I evaluate the RGS Safe Deposit Box system for myself?

The full system is available for download on a trial basis. Please complete the demonstration request form on the RGS Software home page and a temporary usercode and password will be provided. The demonstration software is provided with a database preloaded with data you can use to exercise the system and run reports.

What computer resources are required to run the RGS Safe Deposit system?

The RGS Safe Deposit Box system runs on all current versions of Microsoft Windows. About 60 MB of storage is required for a stand-alone installation. Microsoft's SQL is the preferred DB.

How is the RGS Safe Deposit Box system priced?

Pricing is based on bank size and the number of boxes. We provide detailed pricing with every evaluation package. In addition to the initial license, annual support is also required.

Our goal is to keep as many of our boxes rented as possible. Can the RGS Safe Deposit Box system locate available boxes?

The system maintains a waiting list that can be searched by name, box type and date requested. It is also possible at any time to locate all available boxes, by size or type, for any branch.

What if I need to run the software at several locations?

Depending on your need, the software can be run stand-alone at each location or client programs at each location can be attached to a central server. If you will be servicing more than a few dozen locations you should use the SQL Server version of the system.

We have several different financial institutions that we need to treat as separate banks, but we still want to manage them centrally. Can the RGS Safe Deposit Box System handle this?

The RGS Safe Deposit Box System can be managed centrally or each branch or institution can manage itself including payment processing. If you choose to manage the system from a central location it is still possible to customize correspondence and billing by branch or institution.

We need to carefully control box pricing. How can the RGS Safe Deposit Box help with this?

Box pricing can be established by box size and location. In addition there are special pricing types and discount codes available. It is also possible to set future pricing by box size, location etc and automatically enforce the new pricing at a date in the future.

We already have an automated system we need to replace. Can our current data be automatically converted?

Data from many systems can be automatically converted including Check-Free's Vault system. Custom conversions may be required in some cases. We would be happy to review your current system and recommend a conversion strategy.

Are there extra cost items needed to run the RGS Safe Deposit Box system?

All required software is delivered with the RGS Safe Deposit Box System for small institutions. If you require the SQL Server based version to handle more than a few dozen branches you will need an SQL Server license from Microsoft.

We need to be very certain we are only permitting access to boxes by authorized parties. Does the RGS Safe Deposit Box system keep photographs or copies of signatures?

Customer pictures and signatures may be stored for immediate retrieval. The system also supports multiple co-renters and deputies for each box. The RGS Safe Deposit Box system can be used to track access to a box for the entire period a box has been rented including unlimited free form comments.

Our current system was customized to meet our billing requirements. What alternatives are available for billing and dealing with late notices?

Customized billing is a feature of the RGS Safe Deposit Box system. We provide for custom billing in addition to standard formats for invoices. We also provide notices of automatic payments that may be taken from savings or checking accounts through an ACH transaction. Payments may be processed individually or batched. For traditional billing, automatic late notices and the addition of late fees are applied where appropriate.

Our marketing department needs to evaluate the results of promotions and cross selling programs. Is there a way to get data the RGS Safe Deposit Box data into a spreadsheet?

There are import and export capabilities in the software. Additionally, if you are using the SQL Server version of the software you can access the data directly with reporting tools.

We use American Deposit Services contracts. Can the RGS Safe Deposit Box system prepare these contracts?

Yes, we can automatically fill out both sides of the form. It is also possible to create custom forms for use with other contracts.

We often create special offers that we mail to renters of our safe deposit boxes along with their bills. Is there a way of generating custom letters using data from the RGS Safe Deposit Box system?

The system provides a comprehensive, customizable correspondence management system. It is possible to manage hundreds of custom letters and contract forms and billing statements. Merging data directly from the system insures that all information is up to date and accurate. Multiple users can use the correspondence management system. One group can be processing invoices while another is preparing a special offer letter or statements.


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